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photo taken by Katharine Sidelnik
About Pistachio Press
Pistachio Press was officially launched during the summer of 2007 and is based in Rochester, NY. Founded by Rachael Hetzel, the press had been functioning informally since 2003 when Rachael drove to Ohio to buy her first letterpress. Since then, she has accumulated five more presses, which live in her studio in the heart of the Neighborhood of the Arts. Her printmaking background has helped to fuel her passion for paper and ink as well as equipment and design. Pistachio Press prints fine stationery, social invitations and limited edition prints. In 2011 Rachael opened the Pistachio Press boutique, which sells stationery (from Rochester to Japan) and small gifts that you won't find anywhere else in town!

About our Eco Practices
Pistachio Press is committed to using environmentally conscious studio practices. We use rubber-based inks and biodegradable citrus-based solvents for press clean-up. We print on 100% tree-free cotton papers or recycled papers that contain at least 30% post-consumer waste and we either re-use or recycle our office and shipping supplies.

Naming the Press
Pistachio Press was born on a NYC subway in the summer of 2007. Rachael had been trying to decide on a press name with a bit of alliteration. After a round of brainstorming, a friend jokingly suggested Pistachio Press (since the plane they flew in on had offered pistachio biscotti) and the name clicked!

About Rachael
A native of upstate New York, Rachael currently resides in Rochester and is enamored with her two dogs, Cassie (a yellow lab), and Pancake Sue (a miniature black lab mix). In addition to running Pistachio Press, Rachael teaches fine art at the University of Rochester.




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